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That's a wrap!

In the wee hours on Sunday September 12th we wrapped principal photography on Freedom, WI after 18 days of filming!

There are so many wonderful folks who made this film possible - from the donors, to the people who let us film in their homes and businesses, to the cast and crew, to the people in the Wisconsin towns where we were filming who gave us a hand, and to the family and friends who supported us along the way. I am so grateful to you all!

Having the opportunity to direct Freedom, WI is something that I will remember for the rest of my life. I cannot imagine a better group of folks to take this journey with!

Since wrapping principal photography, we have entered the post production phase. The edit is underway, and it's looking great, folks! We will post updates here as we move further along with finishing.

All photos by Jill Petracek.

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