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When are we filming?

Here we are. August 15th, 2020. According to our original shooting schedule, today we should be in the middle of our second week of production. We should have filmed inside a dance store, a bar, in a graveyard, and in cornfields. But of course, 2020 had a different plan in mind.

We have postponed production on Freedom, WI until August 2021, or once there is a vaccine for Coronavirus and it's safe for cast and crew to work in close proximity, whichever comes last.

My motto is, and always will be, "safety is sexy." In order to stand by my motto, I am confident that postponing production is the best decision. Filming will take place later than we originally thought, and it's disappointing, but it's okay! I am a filmmaker, which means I know how to adapt to changes, solve problems, and I know when to make tough decisions.

When we decide that it's safe for us to start production, I'll be shouting it from every mountain top (or social media platform... today's mountaintop) to let you all know. In the meantime, we will continue with pre-production and will update you along the way.

Some higher budget films have been able to start up by using the new Covid 19 production guidelines created jointly by the DGA, SAG-AFTRA, IATSE and Teamsters. I am looking forward to seeing how these productions and independent films learn to work safely during the global pandemic.

(And now to steal the sign off I learned from a kind assistant director / unit production manager I spoke with from Wisconsin) I hope you all are staying safe, sane, and sanitized!

Cheers and love,


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