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Who is Kevin?

Kevin Forrest is the Director of Photography for Freedom, WI, and the most creative person that I know. He has the amazing ability to take what's written on a page and come up with unique and beautiful ways to bring it to life on the screen. He's a great problem solver and a fearless leader of his crew.

Jean (2019). DP - Kevin Forrest, Director - Jen Elkington, Producer - Molly Preston. Photo by Jill Petracek.

Kevin also happens to be my husband. We've been working together for the past 6 years. He's been the DP on nearly all of the projects that I've directed and at least a dozen of the projects that I've produced. You could say that we have a pretty damn good system and understanding by now.

At the Oregon Independent Film Festival for Evolution of Evil aka Removed (2018). Director - Kevin Forrest, Producer - Molly Preston. Photo by Asia Brown.

Every step of the way - from the conception of Freedom, WI to making the shot list - Kevin has been my rock. He has supported me, encouraged me, and helped me find solutions to seemingly unsolvable problems.

Kevin had this slate custom made, with the help from Molly's best friend and talented graphic designer, Nora Gecan.

Kevin goes the extra mile. He has built his own lights, he works in tandem with all other departments, and always works in the best interest of the film. I can't imagine a better partner in crime, on or off set.

Western Exit (2017). DP - Kevin Forrest, Director - Scott Ballard, Producer - Molly Preston. Photo by Matthew King.

Although Kevin has never lived in Wisconsin, I've brought him along with me many times, and I can say, without a doubt, that he sees the same magic that I see. We have some really fun shots in store for this film, and I can't wait for you to see Kevin's magic!

The Brain That Wouldn't Die (2016). DP - Kevin Forrest, Director - Derek Carl, Producer - Molly Preston. Photo by Mia Allen.

Check out Kevin's cinematography reel here:

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