Molly Preston, Writer & Director

Molly is a Portland, Oregon-based director, producer, and editor, with a range of features, short films, commercials, and music videos under her belt. Evolution of Evil, a feature film that Molly produced and edited, can be seen on Amazon Prime, and the most recent feature that she produced, The Brain That Wouldn't Die (Remake), is currently in the festival circuit. Molly spent almost a decade living in Wisconsin, where she explored her love of cheese and discovered her love for the Packers. Her heart will always be in Wisconsin.

Kevin Forrest, Director of Photography

Kevin was born in New Orleans, and moved to Scotland at age ten. While in Scotland, Kevin learned to edit using two VCRs and a makeshift soundboard. To his parents’ dismay, several cameras were obliterated while getting the “perfect shot” during the making of numerous skateboard videos. Lessons learned and ten features worth of experience later, he is now a freelance cinematographer, independent filmmaker, and teacher living in Portland, Oregon. Kevin’s recognized ability to create stunning visual images has gained his entry into numerous film festivals.